Scottish Terrier Questions

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Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/20/2006
I just got a new scotish terrier i heard that they can be very stuborn how can i train her to be friendly

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6/21/07 Some Scotties can be stuborn, but I'm a Breeder of Scotties ...I have not had any more trouble training a scottie.. then any other dog! In fact our puppies that we breed, when they leave, our home ..they have already been started on paper training and crate traning. You can use the piddle pads too, but the newspaper is cheeper.. for the families that I sell a pup too. My whelping box has carpet so they can get up on their legs,(paper is slick ) They start using the newspaper at a very young age. Sindee
Shady Nook Scottie Farm
8/2/07 Scotties I have found are easily trained. They are more devoted to their owners so they do pay attention. The stubbornness comes in when you try to get them to do something that they are not happy with. They will just stand back and give you that look, somewhat like some children.. That is where good dog and treats overcome stubbornness. Hope you have a Great Day Talk to you soon Emmett Valley Scottish Terriers Thanks Bill W. Ivey 208-365-7442 Bill
Emmett Valley Scottish Terriers
8/15/07 You can't train a Scotty to be "friendly", you can only train it tolerate people politely. If a Scotty is going to be friendly, they are born that way. The breed standard describes them as being reserved toward strangers. That is correct behavior for this breed. As a rule, though, puppies are far more outgoing and needing to please than adults, so if you want a more friendly dog, encourage that particular puppy tendency. Carolyn
Pict O'The Highlands