Scottish Terrier Questions

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Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/19/2006
I have my first scottie and absolutely adore her! But I got her to keep me company while recovering from surgery, so she has been home with me for nearly four months now and is absolutely terrified of strangers, noises, etc.. if I am right there with her, she will be friendly and handle noise, but if I am out of sight or even out of reach....What can I do?

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6/10/07 She has separation anxiety. You need to start watching the dog whisperer or buy one of his DVD's. I f she was only around you while she has been growing up that is one problem.She needs socialized,and you really need to master " The Walk" by Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer. I would be glad to help you in your search for the items. If you are feeling sorry for her she can sense it so quit.If you're nervous she senses it and that makes her behavior even worse.You need to try to be as calm as possible and don't give her loveing or treats to distract her. She sees it as you are prasing her for the bad behavior.You have to be calm and balanced while your around her because she feeds off what your mental state is at that time. It's late and I don't do well on the computer. If you would like to call me to ask more questions feel free any afternoon or evening. Debbie
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8/2/07 There is a very good book that you should buy--called--Help for Your Shy Dog by Deborah Wood--You can order a copy on or for a reasonable price Hope you have a Great Day Talk to you soon Emmett Valley Scottish Terriers Thanks Bill W. Ivey 208-365-7442 Bill
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7/15/08 Hello9 < I am in agreeance with Debbie at Old Mill Scotties. YOur dog has separation Anxiety , plus she is probably insecure. She needs to be walked everyday. Even if someone else has to do it. She needs interaction with the outside world and new faces. :) I am sure if you watch the Dog Whisperer on the Discovery Channel ( no need to buy it) your scottie will come right back. Greatest of Luck to you. Lainie
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