Scottish Terrier Questions

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Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/14/2006
HI, what do pet scotties prices range from ususlly?

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9/6/06 Depending on what part of the country you live... prices for a companion scottie can range from $1200.00 and up. This is for a well bred scottish terrier. You can buy them "cheaper" out of your local newspaper and on the internet...but remember you pay for what you get. More times than not...these "bargain" scotties can have health problems that can run into the thousands of dollars. They mature into dogs that simply "resemble" a scottish terrier". Keep in mind.. this dog will become a family member and live with you for many years. Research the breed and make sure it is the right breed for you and your family. Get ready to wait for your scottie pup. Well bred scotties are not readily available.. you will probably have to be put on a waiting list. Jenny
Rosslyn Scottish Terriers
6/10/07 I have $ 750.00 on my babies. They are AKC and they have no genetic or health problems. The parents only have to go to the vet for their check ups and shots. I checked as far back in the lines as I could for any problems before I bred. I don't think you should breed females their first heat they are not done growing yet. I don't think they should be bred two heat cycles in a row. What I am saying is that it takes so much time with my dogs and then I spend most of the day with the pups. Watching them nurse,making sure they are all urinating, watching them take bowl movements, checking to see if the have a hard time or if any one has a loose stool.Well that is just a small example of the time and care it takes to having healthy,with good conformation, and the best socalized puppies possible. That isn't touching on so many more topics. So if you want a good Scottie puppy that you will be able to take it to the vet for check ups and shots,then spend the rest of the time relaxing and en Debbie
Old Mill Scotties
6/11/07 Shady Nook Scotties will be having two litters this summer. We do expensive testing and research before we breed our dogs. Prices for our AKC Champion bloodlines range from $750 to $1000. We never skimp on care for our Scots. Be leery of cheeper priced pups - you get what you pay for. I have a waiting list for my pups, though occasionally we might have a pup left to sell in a litter. Sindee Hart (812)897-4403 Sindee
Shady Nook Scottie Farm
8/2/07 Paying more doesn't mean you will get better quality. The pups should be VWD tested and reasonability priced. We have a wheaten boy available and the other boys Maggie's boy, he has a little white spot on his chest. A Small white spot will not show when his coat gets long. Also two wheaten brothers are available. His mother Maggie is a very sweet girl . He will be ready for his new home after August 19 DeeDee's boys will be ready for their new homes after August 28. We have five boys in DeeDee's litter available I would be glad to answer any questions. I think you have already seen my web site if not here it is. Click here: Scotties are AKC with champion bloodlines VWD Clear!!!. A black or brindle female would be $750, a male $700 as a pet, a wheaten female is $850, a male $800. Most of our pups are sold before there eyes are open and some even before they are born through advanced deposits. http://www. Bill
Emmett Valley Scottish Terriers
7/15/08 Hello < I think it funny that instead of anwsering this question, breeders are trying to sell a puppy. Scotties can range from anywhere from $200 to THOUSANDS of dollars. I have seen a male AKC CH Scottie go for $8,000. Like the other breeders said , you get what you pay for. When buying a puppy, you first need to check that all of the health screens were done-- Not just some. You then need to study the standards of the Breed. May scotties out there not only DO NOT resemble the breed. They do not have the temperment to match the breed. The looks you can tell at just a few weeks of age. You can do this over the internet. The ears and tail should be UP at an early age-- mine are up at BIRTH!. I do Breed rescue as well as breeding. I have seen the most horrible looking dogs that "' Claim"" to be Scotties. These dogs are bought for the lower price and when they get to the buyer-- they are not what was promised. These are ALWAYS the lesser priced dogs!! FACT!! Before pricing a b Lainie
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