Scottish Terrier Questions

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Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/14/2006
HI, are these dogs usually nice and calm around the house and not jumpy and high energy.are the laid back dogs?And are they mostley good with children?ages 7-11

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7/15/07 From my experience Scotties are easy going around the house. But may get excited when visitors come.They are not hyper like Jack Russell's Hope you have a Great Day Talk to you soon Emmett Valley Scottish Terriers Thanks Bill W. Ivey 208-365-7442 Bill
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7/15/08 Scotties can have both personalities. The breed standard is for them to be more regal and less active than the other terriers. HOWEVER I have seen some really badly bred scotties that think they are Jack Russels. The Scottie I have now prefer to lay under the bed all day and sleep VS. going and chasing or barking at something. This includes company.. In fact sometimes I can not find them-- because they are sleeping in the cool house somewhere ,under a bed, and WILL NOT get up. Lazy dogs! However I do believe this is from the breeding. if the parents are lesser bred and hyper-- the offspring will have a tendency to be more hyper. About kids. If the breeder has kids-- grandkids and socializes the Scottie with kids. It should not be a problem. Most of the time the problem is the Child not the dog. Before I sell to a family - i need to know what ages the kids are. If they have had a dog before. AND I would like to meet the children. Meeting the children can tell you if the dog will b Lainie
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