Scottish Terrier Questions

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Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/14/2006
HI, are these dogs usually nice and calm around the house and not jumpy and high energy.are the laid back dogs?And are they mostley good with children?ages 7-11

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9/6/06 I wouldn't describe any of the terrier breeds as "laid back". Granted.. scotties are not as hyper as some of the other terriers, but they do have a high energy level. As far as getting along with children.. if they are raised with children that are taught to treat the dog with respect, they will be loyal companions for life. If you are looking for a dog that is "calm" around the house....scotties are probably not the breed you are looking for.. Jenny
Rosslyn Scottish Terriers
5/23/07 My "girls " are very calm, they have great manners, one I would even call Laid-Back. My Studs are a different story, they are full of mischief, very comical and keep us hopping !! Put them all together ......we constantly fall over laughing ! We have grandchildren ( age 16,10,9, & 5 ) in and out of our house most week-ends and the Scots are fine with them, but the dogs have been brought up with them. Sindee
Shady Nook Scottie Farm
8/2/07 Scotties do very well with young children if they are raised with them. They will even get along with a cat if they are raised with the cat around. But an older Scottie may not adapt as well. Hope you have a Great Day Talk to you soon Emmett Valley Scottish Terriers Thanks Bill W. Ivey 208-365-7442 Bill
Emmett Valley Scottish Terriers
11/17/13 Scottish Terriers are some what laid back compared to Cairns and Westies, but not every family should own a Scottish Terrier due to them owning you. They are loving and loyal on their own time and definitely have an attitude about life. I guess that's why I love the breed. Betty
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