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Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/14/2005
I have 2 scotties, polar opposite personalities. Just in the last few weeks, however, my female scottie (not spayed) has become significantly more growly and almost down-right nasty. She is alot more reserved in approaching anyone and keeps to herself. She used to come greet any and everyone, play fetch, play with my other scottie (and me when I'm playing with my male). She is even to the point when I am playing with my male (who is fixed) she comes and tries to attack him. She is about a year and a half old. There is really no trigger that I can think of that would set this off all of a sudden. And no, OF COURSE, she has never been beaten. I have read up slightly on thyroid problems, but not sure if this is common in scotties, or if it could be something with her. Any insight would be most appreciated!! I want my sweet little dog back!!

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11/15/05 Hello < thyroid problem ARE common in scotties. Not only are they common but genetic. Consult with your breeder, see is she will be honest with you and let you know if she/he has had problems with thyroid.Get tested if that is not your problem consult with your vet.Also ask your breeder what knids of problems they have had with the lines. Get info on who else has puppies from that litter and contact them. Ask if they have hhad similar problems. I do know of a line that is very terribly bred and carries many breed problems Maybe you have one of these . lainie
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6/15/07 Has she been in heat recently? If it's been a couple months, mabe she's going through a false pregnacy.Has she been protective of certain toys that she will fight your male to get away from him? Just another way to go if it isn't her thyroid maybe it's her hormones. Debbie
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