Rottweiler Questions

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Rottweiler Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/11/2008
my pup is 5 1/2 months 70 pounds and not overweight she has all shots and vac, problem is she can only walk 3 blocks then she gets tired panting, lazy, head hung low, slumps when she walks, I dont understand we walk at night or sun down seeing as thou we live in florida i will consult her vet but is anyone has answers please let me know, We purchased her from a reputable breeder who has shown his dogs I seen 3 generations and waited for this paticular litter for 2 years...

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5/26/08 Hello my name is Rose I also breed Rottweilers and Dobermans in Florida, I believe 70lbs at 5 mos is a little heavey for a female, she may be dehydrated, try giving her gatorade or baby pedilite..yogurt, cottage cheese. may be thyroid problem too. Meyers
Rose's PuppyLand
9/18/09 Go to your breeder to see what advise they have. Lisa
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