Rottweiler Questions

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Rottweiler Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/12/2007
I own a 5month old female rottie. Its feet[pasterns] or turning eastwest. Has it calcium deficiency? i feed it with beef rice daily. what is the remedy. one of my friend advised to give vitC 500mg capsules 5tabs a day.Is it corect. please suggest.

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5/24/07 Hello, Easty westy is a genetic trait that is not associated with nutrition. It is however a good idea to supplement folic acid (vit C). For a good supply of calcium use plain yogurt at 1 tablespoon per meal. DO NOT give calcium in pill or tablet form! This is shown to increase the occurance of hip dysplasia. Back to the toeing out...all you can do is love the dog and hope it outgrows it. With luck you might see it diminish to a less noticable level. Best Wishes, Tony Keiser 314-471-6721 tony
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