Rottweiler Questions

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Rottweiler Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/25/2006
i am interested in finding a dog. i had a female years ago but had to put her down. my female was rather tall for a rott long legs slimmer body nice neck solid head, the main thing was her height i like them a little taller her lines were BUTKIS and JARVIS cross But..on top .anyway i am looking for something along those lines or physically close to that, i am aware that the rott was used for a cart dog so i would think that some of them were bred to be taller than the herding dogs does anyone breed taller dogs .

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9/18/09 I have an 8 month old rottweiler that is taller than the average rottweiler, her name is Ally, you can see her on my website under Available dogs. If you are interested in her let me know. Lisa
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