Rottweiler Questions

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Rottweiler Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/7/2004
how can i train my rott to tone down her natrual agressiveness? she is only 7 weeks old! is it recommeneded to NOT let her run free in a park for example where people and other dogs frequent?

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8/20/04 Hello, Most rottweiler are not naturally aggressive at all. What you may perceive as aggressiveness is quite possible the puppy showing prey drive and teething. Puppies are not born aggressive and certainly not at 7 weeks of age. You may want to search the internet or contact your breeder and learn some dominance exercises that will help your puppy learn that you would not like her to show these behaviours. As for recommended of her to run free in a park and ect. Well most breeders like to see their puppies have all their shots and vaccines before they are exposed to the germs of a general dog park. But this does not mean you cannot walk your puppy and socialize her in the park as long as you are careful not to let her near other dog's extrament's. I hope this will be of help and please remember dogs are not born bad. Yours Truly, Michelle Norwood Michelle
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