Pug Questions

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Pug Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/14/2005
In a couple of months I will be getting a pug puppy. My partner and I both work full time and I'm worried about feeding times, where to leave him/her (inside or outside)and what I can do to ensure he/she is happy at home while we're gone. I will be able to come home at noon for approx 20 minutes each day. Any suggestions/advice will be greatly appreciated - I really want to make this work for all of us! Thankyou!

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4/22/05 You must NEVER leave the puppy outside when no one is there to supervise. You will want to crate train the puppy so it will have a safe place to be when you are working or can't be home many dogs learn to love their crate it's a place they can go to and feel secure. Cheryl
1/20/06 Pugs are incredibly social animals. Being left alone for this long of a time will cause alot of behavior problems. I would encourage you to get a friend for your puppy. 2 pugs would be a good choice. Would you want to be all alone for that long? Especially being so young? nicole
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1/20/06 P.S. pugs are not outdoor animals. Unless you live in a climate that is 70 degrees all the time. Even then it's dangerous to leave a pug alone outside. Pugs get overheated very very fast. They also get cold very very fast. They are definately indoor dogs. nicole
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