Pug Questions

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Pug Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/15/2005
How long do I wait to take my pug to the vet after she has mated with the male pug?

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3/8/05 I take my Pug to the vet after the 4th week then again a week before the puppys were due. When I first mated her I took her before I mated her for a check up, then every two weeks till the litter was born. Within 48 hrs after the litter is born you should take mom & the pups for a check up. Roseann
1/20/06 Some breeders suggest an oxytocin shot within 24 hours of delivery to ensure that the uterine horns have completely been cleaned out. If anything is left inside she can die from infection. Not everyone does this, but it's definately a good thing to do for your bitch. I have heard more than a few sad stories relating to this. nicole
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