Pug Questions

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Pug Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/29/2004
We have a 9 week old pug pup and she is teething. We have toys for her but she would rather chew on our feet or hands. How can I get her to stop attacking our hands and feet? Is there any puppy toys out there to help with teething?

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3/6/05 I can't remember a pug puppy who hasn't done this, we have corrected this problem by using a spray bottle of water, when they chew they get a squirt of water in the bum. Works great, you can also gentle removed them from your foot and firmly say no. Tanya
Pampered Paws
1/20/06 Don't worry she will grow out of this soon. When our pugs were little I would pull my sleeve down over my hand and let them chew gently. Greenies are great too. They have to chew. nicole
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