Pug Questions

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Pug Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/19/2006
I have a 6 year old spayed female Pug. She has had problems holding in her urine for quite some time now. She has been to a few vets in the area and cant find a reason. She was my parents dog and I took her in so I can care for her because they work. I have to keep her in the kitchen with a gate up because she urinates on everything. I have to mop the floor a few times a day, gets on my nerves because its very gross. The vets have given us medicine for her but it doesnt do anything and occasionally there is blood and we also have meds for that andt hey work. The vets have no explanation for this, does anyone have any suggestions or ideas what this could be? I mean she is just walking and she all of a sudden she squats a little while she is walkinga nd just makes a trail of urine.

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