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Pug Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/17/2006
When and how do I ween puppies?

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10/22/06 I wean my puppies around 5 weeks with a mixture of oatmeal cooked,pro-plan puppy food, pancake syrup, and milk, I cook the oatmeal,add the puppy food,syrup, and milk mix it with a blender and then put in tupperware bowl and feed 4 times daily every 4 hours pups love it and its verynutritious as they get a little older don't make it so mushy, gradually stop using the syrup, and oatmeal till you eventually have mositened pup food (pro-plan or any nutritous puppy food don't use the cheap brands, old roy, no name brands use Purina okay, goodluck my pups eat this the first day starting and grow to be health and strong YVONNE