Pug Questions

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Pug Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/22/2005
I already have a 6 year old boxer female that is very good with small dogs, but will 2 female dogs (pug puppy and boxer adult) get along?

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1/20/06 I can tell how my dogs have done. We have a 13 year old Husky and about a year and a half ago decided to add pugs to our family. The pugs did great. They are great dogs as far as getting along with other animals. Pugs are incredibly social animals, so getting along with new buddies is usually not a problem at all. In fact with pugs usually the more buddies the better. Our Husky, being an old timer took a little while to get used to the idea. After a little while he grew more active and has started behaving more like a pug. It's pretty funny to seem him chasing after them. He now is a lap dog. I guess he noticed how the pugs were getting so much attention and decided he would copy them. It's really sweet. I don't know much about Boxer's, but I would guess that you won't have a big problem. Pugs tend to win over any pets already in the home. nicole
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