Papillon Questions

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Papillon Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/14/2005
how much do these dogs usually cost??????

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2/19/05 Is that all that matters? Ana and Kiki
Aleda Papillons
4/6/05 Yes, you have a point. Sorry, about that. For a pet the cost can range from a few hundred dollars to about 1,500. I don't think that the more you pay the better the dog will be. This may be true with show dogs from top lines, although not always, but I don't think it is true for a pet. I have seen BYB and puppy mills sell pets for over a 1,000 and really great breeders sell for about 400. You have to find a good breeder and then ask them. If I had to give a national average I'd say 800-1,000 is a fair price to pay for a pet. If you aren't careful with the breeder you choose, you may end up paying less initially but a lot more if the Pap has health problems. Many Paps require knee surgery because they develop a high PL grade and surgery rarely costs less than 1,000 per knee. Ana and Kiki
Aleda Papillons
7/19/06 I don't think that $1500 is over the top for a good healthy pet papillon. As long as the breeder is reputable and re-invest back into their dogs. I have never had a luxating patella, nor liver shunt or anything else. So if the buyer can feel confident that they will not have the expense of major vet bills later on it is a good investment in the beginning. Vanessa
DawnDee Papillons