Papillon Questions

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Papillon Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/30/2008
My husband & I just got a papillon puppy for the first time, he is 8 months old now. We have noticed that he urines alot, is it normal? what is normal? We're not dog experts on owning a puppy so everything is new to us, but learning. thanks

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5/5/08 He's going through a lot of changes at this age, the weather is warmer so he's probably drinking more water, hence more urine. If he's not neutered, he could be marking and just letting a bit go here and it ends up looking like a lot. If he's bored, he could be drinking more too. I've found my girl does a lot better without human treats or dog treats that are high in sodium because she drinks more then. There are medical reasons too, so if you do think it's excessive, make an appointment with a vet. Lisa BeauVol Papillons Lisa
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