Papillon Questions

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Papillon Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/17/2008
i have 2 papillons. one chocolate and white male and a female white and red. the females hair grown longer and faster. especially on her stomach and round her i have a female papillon her hair grows fast. do you take your papillons to get their hair trimmed or cut. i know some dogs dont ever get their hair cut for specific reasons so can you get a papillon a hair cut. can you take your papillon to a person to get them hairs cuts amd if you do how much do you get cut.

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2/19/08 One of the reasons I love the Papillon is because of the long coats. The feet do need trimming on a regular basis but the rest is up to you. Karen
MCK Papillons
2/19/08 I've personally never heard of clipping a papillon's coat except for foot trimming, and why would anyone want to trim that glorious coat? I can't say I know for a fact, but it sure seems like the poor dog would look rediculous! Tracey
Strawberry River Papillons & Westies