Papillon Questions

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Papillon Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/17/2004
I recently bought a papillon. Both her parents ears stood up. Her ears stand up some days and flop down others. My question is, is this normal and if so when do they come up and stay up? She is about 4 1/2 months old.

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9/21/04 This is not "normal" but it isn't uncommon either. At this age I would recommend taping the ears to help give them support. Taping can be done by an experienced breeder or a vet that also does taping for ear cropping. Tapping is NOT painful. It just looks silly and the point is to give the ears a little extra help in standing. Sort of like sticking a rod next to a young plant. There is no guarantee the ears will stand solidly but it possible. At this age your pup is cutting teeth (loosing teeth) and that is causing a shift in the electrolite balance. Once she has finished teething, her ears should stand on their own (6 months). Adding a little cottage cheese to her meals can help. Again, there is no guarantee, but at this point I wouldn't be freaking out about it. Most Paps whose ears drop during this age do eventually stand correctly. Hope this helps. I do have some added information on my website. Go to and look under the "breed information" men Ana and Kiki
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1/19/05 I agree, added calcium during teeth periods can really help. Taping also works well. I had a puppy whose ears were still down at 7 months. I taped them for two weeks and they stood perfectly and he is in the show ring now. Sometimes those big ears need a little extra help. Good luck. Holly Holly
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7/19/06 The other possiblity is that you actually have a Phalene, I sold a pap puppy and it was brought back to me at 5 months old to be neutered by my vet and he was still a papillon, but by the time he was 7 months old he was a beautiful Phalene'. Not a soft eared pap but a phalene'. he came from papillon parents, that is why we cannot absolutely guarantee a papillon. I had never produced a phalene before. I was just sick because I would have like to show him. but he was already neutered and in a pet home Vanessa
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