Papillon Questions

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Papillon Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/28/2006
I Have Read About Them But Still Wanting To Know More What Should I Expect? Im Also Not Sure About What Brand Puppy Food To Feed Them?

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3/9/06 We feed ours Doc's Choice Premium it comes in a purple bag and is little brown pellets. They love it. Here is our website: Read this! 10 Important things to know and prepare for before getting a puppy!: I pray this list will help prevent multiple tragedies & provide some valuable advice! Know not to take getting a puppy lightly, truly appreciate and properly care for this special gift from God. See poem at end of list.:') You will probably have to copy/paste the links. 1. Know if you really have enough time and patience to devote to a puppy!!! And, if you should get your puppy another dog friend. Dogs are very social and need a companion all the time! 2. Know Common poisons for dogs. Examples: chocolate, house plants, human painkillers(most common), raw salmon, onions, slugbait, too many grapes or raisins, sugar substitutes, lead, cleaning products. Full Lists: ht Claire
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