Poodle Questions

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Poodle Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 6/26/2004
Hello, I am most interested to hear from a breeder of merit how one determines the toy poodle to actually turn out to be a toy at maturity. Is there a "rule of thumb"? I know that the standard is 10 inches or below but I am refering to a young pupper perhaps 8 weeks of age. Thank you ver much, Gloria

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9/10/04 Hi Gloria, I have been breeding poodles for about 12 yrs and a good friend of mine breeds tiny toys and teacup also. WE have found that if you triple the weight of a 6 week old puppy and also doulbe the weight of a 11-12 week old puppy you usually can determine their weight. A lot of it is a guess sometimes they can make liars out of you not matter how hard you try but this is kind of rule of thumb. If you would like to talk with me my email is smallwood449@aol.com, Shirley Shirley
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