Poodle Questions

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Poodle Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/15/2004
I have been looking and been on lists for the last three years. I really like the canadian breeders and their poodles. They seem to have more substance to them. (like the ones in the 1950's. I live alone and am 62. I do not work. I would like to certify her to work as therapy dog with me. Also, I do want one that sees the joy in working for her human. Retrieving things around the home for me as well as giving some emotional as well as physical assistence when needed. I have a very good training person, one on one here in Portland, OR. I have had back and neck fusion surgeries and might find a helping paw just the right thing. I really want her in the near future. Of course health, temperment and early puppyhood handling is imperative. I do not think an alpha bitch would work. Size...I want a large boned bitch. Solid, cobbie-body, substance, a self starter and all around sweetheart. I love the black but also the true silver. I am doing this because a friend suggested it. This is a first for me. Where ever you are, I will come to see a litter, etc. Hopefully, someone will be out there with just the right baby girl for me. I currently have no other animals. My Yorkie soul mate, died four years ago and I know I am now ready. Thank you, Judith Chason 503 245-3391 Portland, OR

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11/20/04 Judith I read your request and my heart goes out to you. I am expecting a litter Christmas eve. I breed for temperment and size. My momma is 25 inches and 63 pounds the dad to this litter is already 26 1/2 inches and still has a bit of growing to do. This was not a planned litter for we thought our male was too young but surprise! he fooled us. Any we feel it is a blessing and are very excited. I have two puppies in different families in vancover if you would like I could ask them if they would mind if you called them. They also flew down to visit the pups before they took them home.And if I don't have what you want maybe I can help you find just the right girl! hope to hear from you soon Frankie Frankie
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1/17/05 I have a good sized bitch and my sire is average sized but my puppies are usually good sized for this type of work if you are interested, I have a litter due end of january. email me at ccoffield@cox.net if you are interested in a puppy. Cindy
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2/3/05 Judith did you find a suitable poodles yet? I just bought a female standard from a lady here in TN and my dughter has bought 2 from her previously. Hers have been used with the policed department for search and rescue dogs. They are very alert and attentive to their humans needs. If you would like to have more info on this lady's poodles , just email me at smallwood449@aol.com thanks, Shirley Shirley
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6/17/05 Hello Judith Have you found your prefect girl yet? I am in Montana, close to you. We are expecting two litters this next week, and one litter will be blacks, blues and in the past we have had silver from this female. Both the male and female are larger boned and the female is cobbie-bodied. If you have already purchased your girl, I know you are a happy owner, if not maybe I can help. Thanks. Deb Deb
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1/24/10 We are expecting a litter of silver/silver beige brindles any day. our website will have first pictures, www.barefootpudels.com Paula
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