Poodle Questions

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Poodle Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/17/2004
We have a beautiful apricot standard poodle, male. We'd like to breed him, but don't know where to go for information about breeders. We live on LI, NY, and would like to find a breeder near by, how do we go about this?

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1/14/05 i have puppies coming in january. i do get females in most of the litters. i do ship after 8 weeks. breeders are hard to locate anywhere for standard poodles that have a good reputation. i do. my puppies are high quality champion lines. breeding age dogs are few and far between. when they are sold off by some breeders they are past "their breeding prime" about 5 years of age. these breeders do not care about the dogs but the profits. may i ask why you want to breed him? is he breeding quality? breeding is a risky business. it is risky to the bitch, puppies. you have to find qualified homes for puppies as a responsible breeder, whelping is another thing altogether. many issues can occur there, health of the bitch and puppies. are you ready to possibly spend every 2 - 4 hours handfeeding pups if necessary?, visits to vets, cost in whelping a healthy bitch and litter, socializng the litter (this is time consuming), making sure that your sire and bitch are quality matched to pr Cindy
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