Poodle Questions

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Poodle Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/5/2004
My mother is highly allergic to animal dander. We heard poodles have little or no dander, is this true? Are they the breed to have with the condition my mother has?

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2/3/05 Hi, most people with allergies don't have problems with the poodles. Many have started breeding other breeds with the poodles to avoid the allergy problems like goldendoodles and laboradoodles. Most are well tolerated by people with allergies. thanks,Shirley Shirley
Little Britches Kennel
7/30/05 Well I can tell you from experiemce that they are the dog to have. I am highly allergic to other dogs and have bad asthma as does my husband. Our poodles do not bother us at all. There are also a few other breeds out there that are "hypo-allergenic" too. The Bichon, Maltese, Havenese, and Shih-tzu are all in this category. Also have had people tell me that the afghan hounds dont bother them and that the chinese hairless crested are also good. Keisha