Newfoundland Questions

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Newfoundland Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 6/14/2005
My husband found an adorable puppy at the pound. She was going to be put to sleep the next day if she was not rescued so he brought her home. She was found wondering around a golf course and had been there a few weeks. They said they thought she was a border collie, 4or 5 months old. (if they had know what type of dog she was we probably would not have gotten her for $20!!!!!! Well we took her to the vet and he said she was a newf and she was only around 8 weeks old. We have done a lot of research for we were not familiar with the breed. We are excited for we have read nothing but good things of the breed and our kids love her already...our mini daschund does too!!!!!!! We would love some suggestions from other owners on what types of dog food are good and suggestions on general care. I just learned from the web site that they are not to eat puppy food......glad i came to this site for she has been eating puppy chow for a week!!!!!!! Thanks for any suggestions!!!!

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7/14/05 If you would like to call or e-mail me, I would be happy to send you my puppy rearing instructions. Marie Campbell Evarista Newfoundlands 813-994-9029 Marie
Evarista Newfoundlands