Newfoundland Questions

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Newfoundland Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/29/2005
We just purchased our beautiful little Newf puppy (9 wks old), the breeder had him on Adult Pro Plan, 3 cups a day, I'm a bit baffled, should he not be on a puppy food? Any comments would be appreciated, this does not seem right to me.

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5/1/05 Newfoundlands cannot eat high protein puppy food EVER!!! High protein puppy foods cause rapid growth that can be extremely damaging to Newfoundlands. Most breeders feed Newfoundland puppies either adult dogs food from the beginning or giant breed puppy food both of which have lower protein--26% is good not much more then this or you can damage you puppy. You breeder knows what they are doing. Stick to her suggested diet. She or he knows best how to feed her Newfs. Marie Campbell Evarista Newfoundlands Marie
Evarista Newfoundlands
8/29/05 Maria is right. except when they go thru the teeting, height gaining stage, we found one or two pups in a litter have different needs. we alter their diet to help so they dont end up with growth anomoly seen in the pasterns. it is Wise to go with a breeder who is there for you, to LISTEN TO YOUR BREEDER your vet is not a dietician and in my experience i have yet to run across a vet who REALLy knows how our breed grows and the dietary needs they have at certain growth spurts in their life. Christine
HarborWinds Newfoundlands