Newfoundland Questions

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Newfoundland Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/9/2009
How do you go about protecting potential owners from getting a puppy from a bad breeder? Do all breeders have to be lisenced through the American Kennel Club and if so are there standards breeders have to adhear to in order to breed and sell AKC registered puppies?

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1/14/11 The American Kennel club does not license breeders and all breeders who are listed with them are not necessarily ethical. The AKC does have "guidelines" for breeders that should be followed but there is no way for them to monitor all breeders practices all of the time. A complaint can be submitted to the AKC and they will investigate if warranted, if a breeder is found to be in violation in some cases they can be suspended and will not be able to register puppies for a period of time so you can be sure that a breeder listed with them has no severe problems. The Newfoundland Club of America as well as other parent clubs also have guidelines for breeders and complaints can be submitted to the arbitration committee if there are problems. Those breeders must honor all contracts or they can be suspended or expelled from the club. No breeder wants this. You can at least avoid the worst of the worst by working with a breeder who is a member of their parent and regional clubs in good sta Dawn
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