Newfoundland Questions

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Newfoundland Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/8/2004
i have a 10 month old newf. while the desription of entropian does not fit his eyes, the lower lids droop a bit and red is visable. this dog came from a reputable breeder, pooch cove. is this normal?

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9/15/04 It is not at all abnormal for Newfies to have droopy eyes. While it is not a desired trait, it is a common one. Mary Cedar Valley Newfoundlands Mary
Cedar Valley Newfoundlands
10/22/04 This condition is called Ectropia and is the oposite of entropia--loose lids although not desirable are quite common for the Newfoundland and fine as long as your Newf does not suffer dry eyes or eye irritation. If you are concerned have your vet check them out. Marie Campbell Evarista Newfoundlands Marie
Evarista Newfoundlands
7/11/05 The condition is called Ectropion and while some lines may carry this condition, it is not, and should not be common. Here is a link for more info on this condition Lou Ann
Sun Valley Newfoundlands