Newfoundland Questions

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Newfoundland Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/12/2004
I need to see some picture of puppys that are about 6 mth to 1yr. my 6 mth pup looks so thin but keeps gaing he is now 86.6 lbs but I worry he is so thin and not very full haired. sheryl healton

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9/3/04 Hi, There are lots of pictures at my sight of past pups from our home that are in that age range if you want to see them just check under the 2003-2004 links or sooner. Its normal for them to be long and lanky and very goofy looking at this stage. This is the stage you just close your eyes and remember how cute they were and know they will be again:) The average weight for safe joint development is 10 pounds per month old for a guide line for this first year. Leaner is better, especially since he is a he, joint issues affect 70% males over females because of this rapid, irratic growing period. Supplements, water exercising, no impact stuff is best for growth. Hope this helps, Leann Leann
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9/15/04 Hi Sheryl As Leann said in the previous reply, Newfie pups go thru a growth phase that can best be described as extremely silly or goofy looking. Lean is MUCH better than even a tiny bit overweight. While a newfie is developing you want them to have as little weight as possible on their frame until the bones are done growing. SOME Newfies can tend to have a taller lankier look than others. Some of our males dont really fill out until they are in the 203 year old range. Mary
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