Newfoundland Questions

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Newfoundland Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/23/2005
We have a 10 yr old male Newfy who has aged drastically in the last 6 months regarding his arthritis. It affects his back legs and makes it difficulty for him to walk and get in/out of the house. He's on large breed type dog food, glucosamine supplements, and Deramaxx (doggie Celebrex). His wt is 150 and has been most of his life. He is used to a 10 to 15 min. daily walk but often pays for it afterwards by being stiff. Lately, he has begun to moan, whine, pant and can't seem to get comfortable. He prefers to lie in the snow or on the garage floor. Are there any comfort measures to offer an aging Newfy w/arthritis?

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11/28/05 I would suggest to you that you need to get to the root of his pain. It may not just be arthritis. The panting and moaning can be heart related. He may need a thorough heart work up and a re evaluation of his pain treatment. I would recommend going to the closest University College of Veterinary Medicine where you have several specialists under one roof. I would also consider having his thyroid checked and the blood work sent to the University of Michigan-- the only university that actually measures dog thyroid levels. It is heart breaking to watch your beloved pet decline. Newfs seem to go from young and energetic to old in a matter of weeks or months. You are doing all the right things. If you feel his pain is persisting and that his current drug therapy is not working discuss this with your veterinarian and/or go to the Univeristy or referal clinic that might be able to better address his issues. Good Luck, Marie Campbell 813-994-9029 Marie
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