Newfoundland Questions

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Newfoundland Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/7/2004
I am in desperate need of an answer! I have had my newf for almost three years. I have taken her to the vet several times without success, she has always has pretty bad skin problems, always itching, scratching and biting to the point where she gets it infected. the skin tends to get oily, smelly and very crusty-can someone help me? I need to know what to do to help stop this problem. Melissa

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9/3/04 Hi, I read your posting and thought that I would try and imput and idea, I am and have been a newfy breeder for 12 years and from what I have experienced through others is that sometimes you have something as simple as an allergy. Most of the people that I have talked to say it is corn and switch their dogs off to a corn free dog food. Its just a thought, the other is that there are a couple lines that are prone to skin irritations and that is hard to over come. Just keeping it clean and dry is the best way to clear up break outs. Also regular grooming since moisture aides in causing those hot spots or lesians. Just a thought...good luck with your troubles! Leann Leann
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10/22/04 You need to do a couple of things: 1. Have your Newf test for Hypothyroidism both the T4 and T7 test run--hypothyroidism can create many skin problems. 2.Have a blood test run that tests for allergies both food and environmental 3.Have a skin biopsy run by a reputable who is knows how to handle skin conditions It sounds like primary seborreah and/or seborreah sicca. Ask your vet. Marie Campbell Evarista Newfoundlands Marie
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