Miniature Schnauzer Questions

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Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/16/2005
What colors are possible for min. schnauzers? Our new puppy is a blonde colorm which is suppose to be known as Buff Colored (so we were told from a local breeder). Is this the same as white? We were told there are also red schnauzers, but I can not find any information on red or buff color ones anywhere. Anybody know for sure??

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7/18/05 the buff color you have is suppose to be a white. The buff color comes from the liver (red) color gene in it's background. The main and showable colors in the US are salt & pepper, Black and Black & Silver, then there are white, liver (reddish) and what they call parti which is a 2 color schnauzer. The color that you have now, the buffy color, when clipped, might look more white than with the hair long, possible. Hope this helps. Linda
Schnauzer Haven
8/10/05 the only acknowleged colors are black, black&silver and salt &pepper.yes you will find some breeders offering other colors with papers. this is only because they have not been truthful with akc. they are registering them as salt& cannot breed a true miniature schnauzer to a true mini and get these colors. JoAnn
Kamelot Miniature Schnauzers
8/11/05 You are talking about a white mini. You can't have a pure white miniature schnauzer, they are almost always going to have a yellow tint to them. If you visit can find out more about the different colors and history. Also, you can register them as white, partis, and livers through the AKC. On the registration form that you send in to the AKC it shows the numbers for Black, Black and silver, and Salt and Pepper. If you have white schnauzer, you should register as white, not salt and pepper. Call the AKC and they can give you the color codes for partis, livers, and whites. Analise
Prissy's Pooches
9/1/05 hopefully this will clear things up.As long as parents are registered as pure bred the puppies can be registered. akc does not determine breed standards period.they just register. The standard is maintained by the American Miniature Schnauzer Club. only blacks,salt%pepper,and black/silver. any other colors can not be shown and are discouraged from breeding. go to the american miniature schnauzer club web site and learn all you can about breed and standards JoAnn
Kamelot Miniature Schnauzers
9/5/05 White minis can be shown under FCI standards. The U.S. and Canada are the only countries that do not allow whites, though you can show the whites in America in certain shows to earn their International Championship, just not their American Championship. Like previously stated, whites are not pure white. They often have a little yellow behind their ears or a little on their backs. Only uneducated people would register their white mini as salt & pepper because it is possible to register them as white! Courtney
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10/13/05 The white gene can 'show' up or be expressed in a range of color, from white to red. Livers have brown noses and pads, with green eyes, if they don't have this, they are not liver. Basically, there is no such 'color' as 'buff' or 'blonde' or 'champagne'. Almost all of these colors of white, with pet grooming, will appear mostly all white, or all white. The ultimate white color is called an 'ice white' and that is not common. All of them will return to their 'true' color when show groomed, or stripped. Teresa
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