Miniature Schnauzer Questions

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Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/18/2011
Are the white / buff colored coats more expensive?

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11/30/11 Not sure what a buff color is to really answer a question of this type.It doesn't sound like a "normal" color for a miniature schnauzer. But I do hope someone can help clear up what you are wanting to know. But the white coat of a miniature and the prices depends on breeder(s). Snowbound Schnauzers
Snowbound Schnauzers
1/2/12 Go for HEALTH! The pedigree of champions will let the look of the AKC standards follow! But to answer your question honestly, YES those who breed odd colors other than Salt and Pepper, Black and Black and Silver are after more money! Has well as those who breed what they tend to call "teacup", "toy" which there is no such thing! They are just bred down to small minis which probably will show up as they age to have many health problems in different areas. I had a litter with odd colors but that was a special litter, that is not what I breed for it is the only time I have bred for them. If they don't have health it really doesn't matter what color they are does it? But, the AKC does allow all these odd colors to be registered now so anything people can grab from the color wheel is out there. If your looking for a pup and you see people who say I have every color in every size, RED FLAG! Move on, just a friendly suggestion! Best of luck my friend! Jim
11/8/12 If you are looking to keep you dog REGISTERED with AKC then you should only buy one of the 3 recognized colors: Black, Black and Silver or Salt and Pepper. Black is allowed to have a small white mark only on the chest to be still registered AKC Black. Black and Silver is an obvious color.(sometimes called phantom) Salt and Pepper comes in various shades but is shades of gray wether dark or light. Other colors while interesting and pretty are not able to be registered and should for no reason be charged more for. If you pay more for any color it is because you are paying for the breeding quality. Quality breeders often throw off colors, but it doesnt deter from the good genetics. Please research any breeder before buying. Good Luck Kimberli
Crowned Schnauzers
6/7/16 you will notice this forum says Miniature schnauzers not toy...teacup or any such size. its Miniature.... they also have standard and giant schnauzers AKC reconizes these 3 sizes only. As far as color goes AKC will register any color, but only salt and papper , black , and black and silver schnauzers can be shown. color is your choice I guess. But to show stick to the 3 excepted show colors. Kathy
BlingQueen Min. Schnauzers