Miniature Schnauzer Questions

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Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/22/2005
Is Pancreatitis common in Schnauzers? How treatable is it?

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6/17/05 Yes, unfortunately, Pancreatitis is much more common in schnauzers than I would like to think about. I have not had an issues myself in my 13 dogs, or my pups, so I can't tell you how treatable it is. Sorry. Take care Marilyn Ward Dragonward Miniature Schnauzers Marilyn
Dragonward Miniature Schnauzers
7/1/05 I have been told by a long time breeder that Science Diet contributes to Pancreatitis in Schnauzers. I have no proof that this is true but I no longer use this food for my dogs. Stacie