Miniature Schnauzer Questions

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Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/5/2007
Day old schnauzers from a black sire and salt & pepper dam look tan and gold with stripe down the back. Will they turn silver?

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1/5/07 I have had some born that color and they turn salt/pepper. Some were light and some were dark colored. But they were all salt/pepper. Does the sire or dam have white or parti genes? Sometimes that will make them that color from a salt/pepper and a black. Sheila
Spring Valley Miniature Schnauzers
1/14/07 Salt and Pepper babies do look brown and do have the darker stripe down the back. When they get about 3-4 weeks of age then their coloring starts to change. The beard around the face starts to show silver (white)along witht the paws. Salt/Peppers are very unique in their color changes. If they were a parti color they would have clear defined markings. Like white with brown patches. Remember though that the orginial true colors for schnauzers are only black, black and silver or salt and pepper. I have photos of my new litter posted on my website and you can see how they look at one week of age. Donna
Schnauzers Of Taylor
2/6/07 Salt and peppers are usually born a brown color, with some black on them. They are sometimes almost all black with just a small amount of brown or gray behind the ears. It will start turning silver around 4 weeks old. Pamla
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