Maltese Questions

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Maltese Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/17/2006
What is the male maltese temperment?

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7/20/06 Every puppy is different my male is a very loving male he likes to hug you, there is not an agressive bone in his body, he is truly a lap dog as he would rather sit in your lap and be petted better than anything. My female is more playful and loves to play catch and tug of war, she is also more vocal. Ask your breeder the type of personality of your maltese because each one has a personality all their own. Elsie
King's Maltese
3/11/07 I am closer to my boys. They follow me around like shadows. I love my girls to but it seems males are much more devoted. Females are diva like sometimes, lol T
Malteseby Stone Ridge