Maltese Questions

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Maltese Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/1/2006
My Maltese is 13y/o..She is all white, but has a pink color on all paws and around here face. She is constantly biting her paws as well. Can you explain to me why the discoloration exits. Please respond. Thank you, Sandy

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4/6/06 It is quite possible that she has developed a food allergy. The pinkish color on her paws is probably a protein stain caused by her licking and biting them, usually caused by an allergy. HOWEVER, Since it is on her face as well. Check her food label for dyes, such as Beets or any red dyes. The best food for Maltese is a high quality pet food with no dyes. I use Innova by Natura Pet Sometimes your water can cause that as well. You may want to change to distilled water. But in either case, you should consult your vet. They can give you something for her allergies. I hope this helps, Wendy Engelond's