Maltese Questions

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Maltese Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/29/2005
How can you keep the area around the eye clean so that the maltese does not start to get the brownish staining around the eye

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1/13/06 It really depends on how bad the stains are. You can use "Diamond Eye" an eye cleaner specially made for this situation. Also I have found that when I use Bio-Groom whitening shampoo it is gentle enough to leave on the fur for a few minutes and then rinse kindly. That helps too. Some owner choose to use a Super Whitening Gel or grooming chalk. Also, if they are stressed, teething, or have an eye problem they will tear much more. So, if it is profuse, please take the pup to the vet. If you would like please check out my website be aware that it is still under construction. I am trying to get new products uploaded and the subsequent bugs with the purchase buttons, worked out daily. Hope this helps some. Deborah
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