Maltese Questions

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Maltese Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/8/2005
Hey, My maltese Is about to get her period I think. Can anybody assist me with a bit of information on how I can assist her during these days? how long does it last, How often will she get it, How do you know when they are going to get it and is there something in paticular I should by her.

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10/28/05 Dogs usually have "heat cycles" every 6 months. Your baby may get a bit "testy" PMS type attitude when getting ready to go into heat. Keep her off of your furniture or put a old heavy blanket down. There are products you can purchase to catch the discharge if your girl will tolerate that. My girls have bleeding for about 10 days, after that point they are at the breeding stage which is where you really have to watch for any males around so she doesn't get bred unintentionally. If your dog is your pet & you do not wish to breed her, I would have her spayed after her heat cycle is over. It makes life MUCH easier. Jennifer