Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Questions

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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/1/2005
I was wondering if you could clarify something me. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs of course are known for their muscular build and strong stature, but recently I heard that some breeders are blending the dogs to make a leaner, taller and more slender swiss mountain dog. I was wondering if this was true and how these dogs would fit into the GSMD classifications in the AKC if this was true. I ask this question because I have recently adopted a dog that was believed to be a GSMD by a breeder in PA. He fits all of the requirements and descriptions of this breed perfectly, but he has just turned 1 year old and only weighs 95lbs with moderate exercise. He stands very tall and is muscular but slender. Will his body shape change over time and become more robust? Is he maybe of this new style of breed? -Thank you for your time. Cheryl Barnes Oriskany, NY

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1/2/06 I have not heard of any GSMD breeders deliberately "blending" Swissies with any other breeds --this would be against all ethical standards and no reputable breeder would ever do this. Some purebred Swissies do indeed have a taller, leaner build than the traditional "draft dog" type of Swissy. As for your dog, since you do not know the pedigree of your male there is no way to know if he is a purebred Swissy or what his eventual size will be. Purebred Swissy males can often take 15 months (or more) to reach their full height and most do not really "fill out" until they are over the age of two. If your dog is a purebred he will most likely keep growing & fill out by age three. At a year he is just a "teenager", so he shouldn't be expected to look like a mature adult. For more detailed information about the breed I'd suggest visiting the GSMDCA's website or joining one of the breed related discussion lists like the Swissy-L or SCONE or Southbound lists. Ellyn Signet, Dufenhof GSMD Ellyn
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