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Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/25/2004
My dog has broken skin eruptions on his skin all over. I take him to the vet and they give him an antibiotic which helps but it will come back on him, the skin eruptions. What can I do for him?

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10/5/04 Sounds like it could be scarcopic mange - which is caused by a microscopic skin parasite that they can sometimes pick up from outside. Nothing major - try Hartz flea and tick powder (but it has to be Hartz brand as that is the only one with a special additive for scarcopic mange - which you will see by reading the small print on the back. Powder the dog all over once a week for 4 weeks straight - you should see the skin eruptions start to heal in a week (no more open sores) they should turn pink and then the hair will start to regrow and be good as new in no time. If this is not the diagnoses and it is something else - using this powder will not harm the dog in any way and since it is now flea season as well - good time to use it anyway to prevent fleas from looking for a warm winter spot to hide. Cost is about $5 a can lasts 2-3 weeks depending on size of dog (longer for smaller dogs) so definitely worth a try ! Elizabeth
2/28/05 If you want to try something natural without side effects, like the Hartz has, you can use garlic oil. I have helped treat dogs with such severe skin problems that they literally chew on themselves until raw. The dogs I have helped are making a full recovery and no longer doing this. Even some that have been told by vets to be put down. It works and has no side effects. Angela
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