Golden Retriever Questions

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Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/3/2005
I like the idea of getting a Golden Retriever from a breeder but am not sure that a puppy is right for me. Is it possible or likely that I could purchase a young adult dog from a reputable breeder?

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11/1/05 I have a 3 yr old female, Maggie, who is a great dog. She loves kids, dogs, cats, and 100% of your attention. She is not AKC registered, but is fullbred. I have her listed on my direct website with a picture at: She is great with her commands: sit, fetch, drop, no, come, and more! If you're hesitant on getting a puppy just because of training purposes, I will tell you Goldens are great dogs to train. They are willing to learn and they learn fast! Good luck on your dog search! ~ Shelly Shelly
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3/4/07 Yes what you are asking is very possible. Many times a breeder will keep a puppy and for some reason or another decides as the pup grows up that it just isn't right for them. Sometimes it something minor just like an eye a little too light or not quite the movement they are looking for, etc. and they will place those puppies. I know for myself, and several other breeders I know, most of us have one such dog in our possession and would love to find the idea forever home for that Golden. Debbie
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