German Shorthaired Pointer Questions

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German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/19/2005
I want to get a GSP puppy or trained young GSP and am looking for a reputable breeder in Virginia or a nearby state.

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3/19/05 I'm not aware of any breeders in your area, but in the event that you can't find anything, I'll be having a litter this summer. My pups have written health and hunt guarantees and are well socialized, beginning at birth. The dogs are kept in the house (yes, all 6 of them) full-time and are as much a part of the family as the kids are. They are as good at hunting as they are at being companions. If you'd like more info on the upcoming litter, let me know. I'd also be more than happy to furnish you with references, as I have pups throughout the states. If you'd really like to find a breeder in your area, then I wish you all the luck in finding just exactly what you're looking for. Patty Lemke Country-Side Breeders Patty
Country-Side Breeders
4/18/05 Hi Im from Connecticut you may view my add shortly posted on this site. Look at Cady Falls Kennels Cathy
Cady Falls German Shorthair Pointers
4/18/05 We do have a litter due Middle of May. We are taking applications and deposits. Cathy
Cady Falls German Shorthair Pointers
4/21/05 We are located in IL, but take many trips to Coeburn, VA. We currently have 1 male and 1 female available. You can see them on my website. Our pups are bred for temperament, hunting ability and ease of training. All our pups are socialized well with my children and other dogs. You can see our ad here for them. Jason-Melissa
Ariels Kennels
5/4/05 This is off her ad at She is in Virginia. AKC and American field reg. dogs excellent hunting dog and family pet. champion background, excellent close hunting dog great stamina as well as calm dispositions. Excellent bloodlines $400.00 these pups are full of natural bird instinct. Call for more info on bloodline and pricing 423-502-4901. Email: Mark & Cheryl
Idaho Hunting Dogs
8/29/05 We are from Putnam Ct shipping is not a problem if you wanted a puppy from one of the litters below... But I do have a Special breeding in the IL area you can contact them directly check it out on this page to my stud really nice breeding should be very nice puppies. I do have one Male Liver GSP well started for hunting looking at $1600 for him. Great disposition , loves to be with people and children. NAVDHA NA PRIZE II SCORE 95 My next litter will be a late winter breeding from my stock. Cady Falls Amazing Grace JH she is both AKC & NAVDHA REGISTERED we will be working on SH Title this Fall and starting NAVDHA with her with an evaluation as to where we are in training on Sept 16 and Sept 17 in maine for our first UPT test. Also Cady Falls Jasmine JH is working on SH Will also be breeding Cady Falls Chocolate Kissame JH , AFC and F Cathy
Cady Falls German Shorthair Pointers