German Shorthaired Pointer Questions

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German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/11/2004
I"m looking at a new pup, and it is black and white. Just wondering where the black comes from on the breed. Since most are liver or roan, with white.

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11/14/04 The black coloring comes from Germany. If you look at the pedigree, you'll find a lot of the dogs with German names. Patty
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2/4/05 Many are show bred so be careful when buying a dog to hunt over. My experience has told me to buy from a breeder who hunts. Many Show people dont hunt so how could they say they have dogs that hunt. Buyer Beware. On the up side, I have trained 2 black and whites and both were good hunters. Carl
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5/6/05 Black is unacceptable in a US Show ring. However, it is perfectly acceptable in Germany and many German HUNTING imports are Black. Black is dominant to Liver, so two liver dogs will always have liver dogs. A sire or dam who had two dominant black genes will allways have black offspring. If one parent is black, but carries the liver gene, if bred to liver, the litter should come out 50/50. At the time the GSP clubs were forming, black dogs were out of favor and not imported (like liver Brittanies today). The US breed standard does not allow it in the show ring, but the AKC will recognize the German registration. Black is growing in popularity, and some breeders breed exclusivly for it. Todd
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6/6/05 Actually most show breeders do hunt. Most show breeders hunt or they would have a different breed to show. There is a very wide variety of hunting ability and styles throughout the breed so you should ask many questions before buying a puppy. Do parents have natural retrieve? what range do they hunt? do you hunt the dogs with or without e collars (goes to train ability)? A truly reputable breeder would never try to sell you a dog that did not fit your needs. Black dogs are not allowed in the show ring so show breeders rarely ever breed black dogs. Most black dogs are from lines heavy on German imports because black is acceptable in Germany. The GSPCA, I have heard, is putting black up to it's membership for a vote so if you have any interest in black being added to the standard (or want it kept out) then you need to join the parent club and have the chance to vote. Kim
6/15/05 Kim, thanks for accentuating my point that black GSP's are not imported unless they hunt. I didn't say that the show dogs don't hunt; perhaps you were replying to Carl's post. But most folks are breeding for one thing or the other and giving lip service to the dual role aspect. I think it's fair to say that the average hunter is better served by getting a puppy from parents with a "MH" after their name (or NAVHDA Utility Prize) than a "CH" before it. If they have both, so much the better. Puppy buyers should be very careful in selecting a breeder that is breeding the kind of dog they want. Don't forget that the trade-off for trainability is desire to work. Responsible breeders will not sell you a dog that won't suit you. Be honest about what you want and watch out for the unsavory among us. The questions you ask should be specific. Don't accept an answer that a dog hunts at "medium" range. Find out what "medium" is. I don't sell to non-hunters or people "thin Todd
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8/3/05 Blk GSP'S are allowed in the International Show ring, and Show Dogs do hunt. Lacy
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11/27/05 America is the only place that blacks are not allowed to be shown..just like the Longhaired weimaraner.. I would always suggest to check out the Country of Origin.. should help you in most breeds.. About Hunting ability of show big gripe with me... they will ALL hunt if given the opportunity.. to what level of expertise depends on the human training them.. no matter what qualities a given dog has.. if the training is bad... I Show & Breed in Australia.. 95% of puppies I breed go to Hunting/Pet homes...some Hunt titles but mostly Rough Shooters... that sleep, eat & hunt with them, then go home to play with the family... The other 5%.. well they are in Show/Hunting/Pet homes. Yep our versatile breed.. In the Ring, in the lounge, or in the field. They love it... Cheers Maree Maree
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