German Shorthaired Pointer Questions

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German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/5/2006
I feed my 7 month old GSP IAMS SMART PUPPY food. Her bowl stays full most of the day. Is it because she doesn't like it and eats it when she is very hungry? I would consider changing her food but what kind is the best? Thanks for any help in this matter.

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9/7/06 Our GSPs are very happy with their dog food. We feed them Science Diet (small bites for the puppies), and small bites adult or regular for Brock and Olive. My experience is if they are not hungry they will not eat ! But if they are hungry and still not eatting it may be the dog food or something else is going on and you should check with your Vet. Good Luck !!! Also, don't feed treats .... only use treats for training :) Gregg & Sherry
Hidden Springs Kennel
9/16/06 You need to watch allergies in GSP's more and more are becoming allergic to corn. I have 4 adult GSP's and a litter of pups and one of these dogs is very allergic to corn and I have found that the brand "Chicken Soup" is very good. The dogs love it and it's as close to wholeistic as you can get w/o being wholistic. Lacy
A-La-Round Kennels
7/3/07 Iams/Eukanuba is probably one of the best dog foods to feed your puppy! We have used this food for over 25 years and we have bred numerous BEST IN SHOW winners .... To me there is no subsitute and we have never had amy allergy problems that is usually a genetic problem in quit a few lines.... If she does not like Iams Try Eukanuba Puppy food they are made by the same company Euk is just a little more $ If she does not eat perhaps she is teething as this is often a problem at about 5-7 months try mixing a tbs of Yogurt into her food and a little warm water..... Also keep in mind it hot out this time of year so many dogs cut back on theer appetite until later in the day. Do not free feed her put her food down for 15 minutes and then take it away .... She will start to eat when her feeding time is limited :-) Stick with Iams you will be very happy you did Good Luck!! Simberlund Hand
7/12/07 The answer hands down is Puring Puppy Pro Plan. Not high pro. There is one other food that is mass produced that I do not have in my part of the country but many field trial people are using it. It is called Black Gold. Dayle
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