German Shorthaired Pointer Questions

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German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/27/2006
Hi, I am about to purchase a GSP and need a little advice. I live on a farm of about 200 acres with 1 border on a main road and a farm on the other sides. I have been advised by the breeder that the female GSP's are more likely to wander than the males - who will stick closer to dad. Does anyone have an opinion on this? I need to notify the breeder shortly on the sex of the pup i want. With thanks, Drew

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5/27/06 I find it has to do with training. If you allow the dog to range, it will range. I find my males tend to range out more than females. They are very curious and arduous hunters. They will tend to explore any area they are allowed to explore. When you train, set the boundaries. I find when they are young, they are oblivious to cars or other dangers when intent of birds flying or other types of possible prey. Good Luck with your new pup. They are truly wonderful pets. Becky Rebecca
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8/8/06 I have three gsp females and one male and I have found that my females are home bodys where as my male thinks with his other brain and follows his nose looking for girls. Lacy
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