German Shorthaired Pointer Questions

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German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/8/2005
I've been studying up on amaurotic idiocy and find my dog fits some of the symptoms. He just turned 5, (if he had it full blown, he wouldn't have lived past 2) and as the years have progressed, his behavior has become increasingly nervous. He has never been beaten, has been such a good dog that discipline is rarely necessary, but he will get upset if I raise my voice (not even directed at him) or give him a command. It has gotten worse over the past year. He shakes, shivers and cowers. Sometimes, he's done it for no reason. I used to think he was cold, even in warm weather. What might be wrong with him, and is he suffering? Any help would be wonderful. Thanks.

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2/4/06 It sounds likr anxiety, like dogs exhibit to thunderstorms. You should contact your vet. I believe there are medications that might help. Kim