Fox Terrier - Wire Questions

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Fox Terrier - Wire

Fox Terrier - Wire Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/10/2005
what are the hereditary diseases or problems common for wire fox terriers?

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1/4/06 Well-bred dogs from reputable breeders are generally very hardy and healthy. This is a quotation directly from the Fox Terrier Club of the UK. "Ailments: As a breed the Wire is a hardy dog that doesnít suffer from many health problems and any problems they do have tend to be as individuals and non-breed specific. The breedís hardy constitution and known longevity has never led to the need for breed testing for clinical or hereditary defects. The breed is suitable for hot, sunny climates but thrives in cool climates." However, Wires, like other breeds that come from puppy mills, pet shops or the back yard breeder unfamiliar with the the health background of their dogs often suffer with allergies, seisures, liver ailments and other diseases. Diane