Dachshund Questions

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Dachshund Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/22/2005
i have a red mini dacshund whose 4 and a mini dapple 8 month old female, i want to breed....my female went in to heat this month and i havent kept them saparate...the male tries to mount but i dont think he knows what he's doing....does it make them a few times of her being in heat to get the hang of it????

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7/23/05 No, it takes the female being in "standing heat" to breed, which can be anywhere from the 8th day or later depending on the female. You really need to wait till at least her 2nd or 3rd heat cycle to breed. 8 months is way too young to have puppies, she is still a puppy herself. It is harder on everyone and you may have alot of problems with her taking care of the puppies b/c of her being so young. As for your male, no he should be able to do it the first time but if the female is not "standing" he will not be able to. Lindsay Lindsay
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7/31/05 I agree with the previous answer but would like to add something. One should really NEVER breed the first heat cycle. Also sometimes a male that has not been breeding prior to the age of 3 can become sterile. Melody
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